Friday, October 18, 2013

Tom Foley- Remembering a great man.

Tom Foley was my Fifth District Congressman .  Hearing that he would be visiting Walla Walla, I went to the Democratic Headquarters to hear his report.

It was warm spring day.  A day for mowing lawns, fishing or playing golf.  Very few people had time for politics that day.

As we sat together, I mentioned that my former roommate at the University of Washington, Tom Lantos had just been elected to Congress from his district in California.

I went on to relate the story told about Bernard Baruch, the Warren Buffet of his day, who had an office on the New York stock exchange floor.

A young man entered his office.  Introducing himself he handed Bernie an envelope.  The envelope contained a note from Baruch's mother informing him that  this was a son of her closest friend and that he had his heart set on a careewr on Wall Street.

The wizard of Wall Street said to the young man, "I am on my way to the restroom on the other side of the floor.  Come with me and tell me all about the folks at home as we walk."

Everyone will notice and will think you are making a presentation to me and if you cannot get a job after this you will not make it here.

Some time later at a function Tom Foley, then Majority Whip came over to me at a meeting  and reported that he had singled out Tom Lantos among the many congressmen taking a break in the congressional Clokeroom.  He said that they had sat in a place where everyone coming in or out could see them and he told Lantos tell him about our times at the University of Washington.

Tom Lantos went on to a long and distinguished career in congress and was always grateful to Tom Foley for his early courtesy. 

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